Wednesday 20th October 2021

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Dinner: Starting at 5:30PM, a farm-to-table BBQ will be held at the venue prior to the show. Menu includes choice of chicken/beef skewers with sides or beef burger with sides – or simply sides for $10/person. Tickets available in advance at or Cash bar at the show
Show: 7:30 PM

Accessibility: This venue is accessible for those with mobility limitations.

Capacity: 200

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Harrow Fair “When Miranda Mulholland and Andrew Penner create music together, something delightful happens. Their combined experiences allow Mulholland and Penner to show off fantastically executed string work with both the fiddle and guitar. Call to Arms, the Canadian duo’s record debut, spoons out doses of rock, roots, Southern charm and just about everything else along the way.” – Elmore Magazine