Wednesday 8th July 2020

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Every Monday Tranzac Club hosts an intimate, cozy open stage in the Southern Cross Lounge. The room has a piano, a few amps, mics and mic stands and a basic drum kit, as well as a house guitar.
The crowd is a mix of regulars and newcomers, mostly acoustic but open to pretty much anything (including hip-hop, instrumental electric guitar, and spoken word) — it’s a great place to try out a new song or perform with a new band.
Sign up at 7 p.m., open mic at 8 p.m. Each performer plays two songs, and the night generally ends between 11 p.m. and 12 p.m.
Hosts are: Chris Banks (first Monday of the month), Dave’s Bass Lesson (second Monday of the month), Sarah Greene (third Monday of the month) and Yawd Sylvester (final Monday of the month), with some help from other guest hosts as well.


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