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Artesian (Regina, SK)

A beautifully renovated church turned performance venue, the Artesian serves as a host to many talented local, and visiting artists.Diction:ar·te·sian (är-tee'zhan) - a confined aquifer containing groundwater that will flow upward through a well, called an artesian well, without the need for pumping. A reference to our local wellspring of talent. Inspiration:Our involvement with local band The Lazy MKs, theatre groups like Curtain Razors and the Regina Fringe Festival and dance companies like New Dance Horizons helped us realize the demand for intimate spaces to showcase original music and performance. So we had the idea of creating a venue for the wealth of local and regional talent.Restoration: Built in 1950 and designed by Storey and Van Egmond(!), the Calvary Evangelical Church was built solid and sound. We have restored the beautiful yellow pine and fir windows, reopened the choir balcony, insulated the basement, removed outrageous electric blue shag carpet, and replaced the leaking steeple. New front doors were salvaged from Herchmer School and the performance theatre doors were saved from Marian High School. Fir beams, salvaged from grain elevators, form the structure of the new entrance. The foyer's tin ceiling was rescued from a turn-of-the-century commercial building in Wolseley, SK. You can find many repurposed treasures throughout the building. Destination:Our long-term vision is to honor and encourage high-calibre talent with an appreciative, attentive audience. A creative space to go to when you want to hear every note in an originally-written song; experience every nuance of a playwright's work. We are committed to assisting the arts, music and culture communities cross-promote and build a larger audience. Join us in supporting our artists. Remember that we have an amazing community of talented musicians, dancers, performers, writers, filmmakers, and visual artists. Culture creates community. • Artesian is all ages, licensed, and wheelchair accessible