Friday 23rd July 2021

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LIVE on Elgin (Ottawa, ON)

LIVE! on Elgin is the culmination of two years of discussions, debates, questionnaires, and polls all focused on the future of live theatre and music in Ottawa. A simple discussion about types of venues in use elsewhere led us to believe that there was something missing in the Ottawa market and we set out to create a venue that would fill that gap. Combining Lawrence’s experience in theatre and business with Jon’s experience and connections in the local music scene, and the passion that both of us share for local talent we think we have created the perfect space for you, audiences and performers alike.   A space that can be used by musicians, actors, and performers of all kinds. A place where people can gather for a night of entertainment without breaking the bank. A place to focus on and promote local talent, where local artists can hone their craft and earn a few bucks without having to leave town. A place where small theatre companies can mount productions without risk of losing their shirts. A place for local filmmakers to screen their projects.  A place for local artists of all stripes to call home. We hope to present to you the best that our city has to offer in live entertainment and invite you to enjoy, to celebrate, and to be proud of our local talent.