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Old Church Theatre (Trenton, ON)

  Old Church Theatre Home of the Roy Bonisteel Studio Built in 1876 as a Methodist church this Quinte West historical landmark known as the Johnstown Church operated as a place of worship until 1972.After years of neglect and disrepair it was slated for demolition. Local resident Roy Bonisteel was not prepared to let this happen. He renovated and restored the building in 1994 creating a unique gathering place for the community. The Old Church Theatre is a brilliant but small performance space. Our goal was to share it with a larger audience. That’s why we have branched out into digital media by creating The Roy Bonisteel Studio. Work has already commenced on the studio and we have already begun a number of film projects which have seen filming both in house and ‘on location’. Look here to view some of your favourite local musicians and entertainers on line and be sure to check back for future exiting developments. Roy not only kept the building standing upright but brought into service as a Community Centre, a function it still proudly fulfils. He had already enjoyed a stellar career as the host of Man Alive, one the most successful Canadian television shows ever produced by the time he rescued this venerable old piece of Canadian architecture. The Old Church restoration laid the groundwork for its evolution from a Community Centre to a digital filming and production studio. This was a natural progression and the current owners have gratefully accepted the benefit of Roy’s support and guidance every step of the way. Acquisition of digital filming and editing equipment and software was the final step in the creation of this new facility. It was only fitting to name the new facility the ‘Roy Bonisteel Studio’ though even with his rich media background and experience, he didn’t foresee this exciting development.