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Second Street Theatre (Grande Prairie, AB)

This is the story of Grande Prairie Live Theatre. The story of how more than 4000 different actors, singers, dancers, directors, producers, stage managers, set designers, costume designers, seamstresses, makeup artists and many more behind-the-scenes contributors have entertained over 250,000 people over the past 52 years. Proudly we say “we’ve come a long way baby.” Our theatre roots date back to 1932, with the formation of “The Good Companion Players.” Grande Prairie was a cultural hotspot in 1932 with a 50-voice male choir and a symphony orchestra. In 1935 the Little Theatre Group Orchestra was formed. Theater and music groups fell apart during the Second World War. During those years, St. Joseph’s Dramatic Society and United Church Players put on a few shows. In 1958 the Grande Prairie Players were formed. In 1962 the Grande Prairie Players and the Operatic Society joined forces to officially become the Grande Prairie Little Theatre Society on January 16, 1963. As a response to changing times, Grande Prairie Little Theatre became Grande Prairie Live Theatre in 2001. We have done a wide selection of plays over many different genres; 288 productions over 52 years. Plus nearly 100 concerts! And festivals! And the prestigious Reel Shorts Film Festival! That is an amazing body of artistic work for an ever-changing group of creative and enthusiastic volunteers. We have grown as our region has grown. We have grown from 2 shows a year with 35 volunteers in 1963 to 91 nights of entertainment and over 300 volunteers in 2014.